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Two weeks ago, I ran my first solo 5K race. I had rallied the troops, and one by one something came up for all of them. I woke up that morning tired and unmotivated. It was cloudy and was going to rain. I had no motivation what so ever. But somewhere, deep down, I found it. I got up put on my running clothes and shoes, grabbed my music and was out the door. The race was supporting the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center and I am so excited to be a part of this new community!

Even through, I did’t really prepare for the race, I finished the race in 29:06. I was 72nd overall (632); 28th female (440); and 11th to finish in my age group (72). Now, i have something to strive for!

I thought I was doing well until a teacher posted a link to a very inspiring story! A young boy wrote to the Oklahoma News 9 about how he was running a 5K with his brother who has cerebral palsy. His brother cannot walk, hear or eat food. This little boy of the age of 10, asked not for money, but just one donation of a push stroller that would fit his 11 year-old brother. Not only did he receive a stroller, he received a huge support group! The young boy wanted to give his brother the physical activity that he so craved and that is exactly what he did. What and inspiring story!!

Check out the link below for more details:


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