its time to FEEL GOOOD

I’ve been kinda neglecting my heath lately. Not that I have gained a lot of weight but I lost muscle and its really starting to get to me.

I have an active job, I am a server, I am constantly on my feet. There are times I don’t have time to have a drink of water, we are so busy {but it is a lot of fun… most of the time}. Working in the service industry is always challenging.

Anyway, I started this blog for one of my university classes and I just stopped writing about health when I graduated. However, that is about to stop {or start? haha}.

MY GOAL: I want to feeeeel good again! I miss my seeing definition of my muscles. SO, I am going to start working out and actually have a routine. Most of the time, I walk into the gym an decide what I am going to do when I am there.  I will come up with more specific goal fro weight lifting when start doing that more.  I am going to focus on my diet for this month. Tracking my meals, visually seeing my how much of what I am eating and so forth.

I am  planning on recording my challenges, my success, any random thoughts I have, missteps, whatever I can during this new health adventure. One a week, I will record my weight, I may post a food recipe that I tried and liked, or something from MyFitnessPal or whatever. PLEASE KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE! I will be recording my food through MyFitnessPal and if you want to see what I am doing, please be my friend {sounds ridiculous haha} @mblundell3 on MyFtinessPal.

It is not going to be easy {since I work at a Mexican food restaurant}, BUT I am excited for this challenge!

Please join me for this health adventure! 



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