The beginning..

Alright, now you know, I have started a Health challenge for myself and this is the beginning measurements:

Sex: Female {not planning on changing that}
Height: 5’10” or 177cm or 1.77 m
Weight: 175 lbs or 79 kg {definitely planning on changing that}
BMI: 25 {and this}

Okay, thats all I can calculate right now. Once I receive a measuring tape and skin fold (I know they are not the most accurate), I will preform a skin fold test and will measure myself around. I calculated my BMI, by my age, weight and sex. You can do that easily by (in standard units):

BMI = (weight in pounds / height in meters^2) * 703


BMI = weight in kilograms / height in meters ^2


There are also plenty of websites that will calculate it for you.


I am right on the cusp of being overweight and that is going to change.



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