So, I am 2 days into this new health challenge and so far, the hardest thing for me is SNACKING.

I work at the restaurant industry and that being said, I work during dinner time. I usually eat a good lunch around 3ish, but by the time I get to work, I am hungry AGAIN. {It doesn’t help that it smells sooooo good.} Anyway, it is very difficult not eating the abundance of chips we have {its Mexican food and its GOOD}.

However, I at my other job, a retail associate {where I actually get a break}, I remembered to bring a banana!! Which is a HUGE step because normally I completely forget. So, this week my goals are:

  1. I am going to track my food consumption
  2. I am going to eat a large lunch {because I work in the evenings}
  3. Bring snacks to work (fruit or a granola bar) to avoid snacking on unhealthy deep-fried in lard chips.
  4. And drink lots of water!


Side note: When I was writing this initially, I wrote, “I will try….”  and I changed every sentence with I am or I will because it is the positive reassurance that I CAN do it, that I want to visually see… not this “I will try to do this” crap. I know I CAN and I NEED to stick with it! 

In the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try”.



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